Flag and Pin Request Form

Constituents may request Ontario flags and pins (at no charge) from my office. Please complete the form below to submit your request.

    Please complete the form below to order Ontario flags and/or pins. If you choose to have them delivered to you, you MUST complete the address fields at the bottom of the form, or we will not be able to mail your flags and/or pins to you.

    How many flags would you like to order?

    How many pins would you like to order?

    Which style of pin would you like to order? (Check all that apply)

    Pins and flags can be picked up from my constituency office located at:

    1550 Kingston Road, Suite 213
    Pickering, ON
    L1V 1C3

    Would you like to pick up your flags and/or pins, or do you require them to be delivered?

    What is the event for which you are requesting Ontario flags and/or pins?

    Date of event:

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    Please note that for larger orders our office may not be able to accommodate, or may have some delay in providing the amount requested.