Ontario Providing Additional Base and One-Time Funding to Region of Durham Public Health Unit

Ontario Government investing nearly $92 million in additional funding for public health units across the province.

DURHAM REGION — Today, Durham Region MPPs Peter Bethlenfalvy, Patrice Barnes, Lorne Coe and Todd McCarthy have announced $594,700 in funding to the Region of Durham’s Public Health Unit to help to deliver a variety of initiatives and to support critical public health programs and services over the 2023-24 and 2024-25 fiscal years.

As part of this funding, the Durham Region Health Department will receive up to $88,725 in additional base funding for the 2023-24 funding year, up to $266,175 in additional base funding for the 2024-25 funding year, and up to $239,800 in additional one-time funding for the 2023-24 funding year to support the provision of public health programs and services in our communities.

“This increased funding will ensure the Durham Region’s Public Health Department can continue to provide vital health care services to Whitby residents and those living in other parts of the Region of Durham when, and where, they need them,” said Lorne Coe, MPP for Whitby and Parliamentary Assistant to the Premier. “This is yet another example of our Government’s commitment to working collaboratively with our municipal partners across the Region.”

“This additional funding is another part of our Government’s Plan to Stay Open and build a stronger, more resilient healthcare system that is better prepared to respond to the needs of Clarington residents and everyone across Durham Region” said Todd McCarthy, MPP for Durham. “As one of Ontario’s largest hospital systems, Lakeridge Health is known for providing exceptional programs and services which are delivered with care and compassion, and this additional investment will provide the funding needed to address the growing and changing healthcare needs of the people in Durham Region.”

“Investing in the Region of Durham Public Health Unit is an investment in the well-being and resilience of our communities,” said Peter Bethlenfalvy, MPP for Pickering-Uxbridge. “As our government has said countless times, we cannot have a healthy economy without healthy people and this will help address the growing and changing needs in the Durham Region.”

This funding is part of the recent announcement by the provincial government that it is investing nearly $92 million in Public Health Units across the province to support the public health sector by alleviating the financial impact on municipalities.

It also supports our government’s work to strengthen public health, including restoring provincial base funding to the level previously provided under the 2020 cost-share formula as previously announced at AMO, and providing 1% growth base funding for the 2024 calendar year.

The Region of Durham’s Public Health Department promotes and protects the health of people who live in the region. The programs and services that are provided address the growing and changing needs of people in the Region of Durham.

“From emergency services to education, our teams are working to ensure a healthy, safe and happy community for all. This investment, in our public Health Department, will help to further improve the well-being of our residents. All while helping to maintain the high quality of life that drives our mission, vision and core day-to-day interactions.” – John Henry, Regional Chair and Chief Executive Officer.