Statement from MPP Peter Bethlenfalvy on Pickering Nuclear Generating Station Alert

 PICKERING – As we know, this morning an alert was issued by the Province of Ontario stating that there was a situation at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. My colleague, the Solicitor General, has clarified that the alert was issued in error to the public during a routine training exercise being conducted by the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre. She has further clarified that no situation was taking place at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station and that there was never danger to the public or environment. 

The moment the alert went out, I began communications with my counterparts, Solicitor General Sylvia Jones and Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines Greg Rickford, as well as the Premier’s Office. They have assured me that a full investigation has begun into how this error happened so that we can learn from the situation. I also participated in active conversations this morning with Pickering Mayor David Ryan to keep him apprised of the situation with information as it became available to me. 

Public safety is always the primary concern in dealing with nuclear operations, but similarly important is public confidence and communications. In the days and weeks ahead, I will work with my counterparts and officials to ensure that families in Pickering are fully apprised of what led to the events of this morning in order to prevent something like this from happening again.